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We got all clearance of

Government of Bangladesh...

1. SB



4.Home ministry

5.deffence ministry


6.Prime minister's office





Our achievements within 5 months broadcasting


1. First animated logo of Bangladesh

2.Social networking concept in television industry

3. 136 audience forum formed in 4 months in 56 countries

4.eye donated ( after death) by 100 person.

5. 27 schedule program ready for broadcast.

6. Direct effect theory applied.





1. Mega reality show on tree plantation.Through this reality show ,

we will plant minimum 15 lac tree in Bangladesh.

2. Historical MEGA Event for Commercial Start.

3.Campaign to make positive thinker from negative thinking.

4. Self improvement by Program planning .

5.Scientific ,logical physiological improvement of 3rd generation.

6.One to one effective marketing policy. ( New dimension for market )

7. Golden sponsor theory from the first day of commercial planning.

8.Branding for Advance image valuation.





investor relation

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We will be pleased to take some new investor for world tv ltd.
Board of directors and share holders are as follows-

1. Shanjit Kumar Dash ( CIP)
2. S. M tarique Iqbal ( Exporter & Importert )
3. Rabiul Ahsan Shiko ( chairman of a jute mill)
4. MItaly Hossain ( author of 27 books)
5. Nusrat Binte kabir ( business)
6. Dr. Abdul Munim Khan ( advisor of Daily prothom alo & World tv ltd)
7. Moushumi Khandaker.


8. Abdullah-Al-Masum

World tv ltd
37/2 Purana paltan
 00 88 01716 089 089.

programs of world tv

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ওয়ার্ল্ড টিভির অনুষ্ঠান সমূহ


১. ওয়ার্ল্ড ট্যৃর

২. তা তা থৈ থৈ

৩. গানের সুর প্রাণের সুর

৪. মাই ইভেন্ট

৫. আলোকিত ইসলাম

৬. মোর সুইট মিউজিক

৭. সিনে টেষ্ট

৮. ফিল্ম

৯. নলেজ.কম

১০. আমার ঘর আমার বাড়ী

১১. বিজনেস প্রোফাইল

১২. মুক্তিসেনা

১৩. মেঘদূত

১৪. হেল্প লাইন

১৫. ফটোগ্রাফি কম্পিটিশন

১৬. দর্শক ফোরাম

১৭. তথ্য কনিকা

১৮. ছড়ার ধাঁধা

১৯. মনীষিদের বানী

২০. প্রশিক্ষণ

২১. নাটক

২২. টেলিফিল্ম

২৩. রবীন্দ্র , নজরুল সঙ্গীতের অনুষ্ঠান

২৪. ম্যাজিক ম্যানিয়া

২৫.হেলো ফান


২৭.সো ফানি


Going to restart commercially, soon.

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After 4 month successful test transmission going to re start world tv commercially. We got clearance from Sb, Nsi, Dgdfi. Clearance from home ministry, defence ministrty and avobe all, from Prime minister's office.

Within Four month our achievement

1. 136 Audiance forum formed.

2. 27 shedule program transmitted in test signal.

3. First animated logo in bd.

4. sms service as social network for general people through the scroll of tv channel.

Mission and vission

Entertainment and business .

awareness for general people in many ground.

Helping service through network.

inspiration for new genaration for development and good works.

1.Political bias free charecter.

2. No over motivation for religious mission.

3. Pure entertainment and authenticated news service.

4. awareness building through planned program.

5. Tree plantation competition.

6. Involbement of audience in many ways as creative platform.

7. slow motivation to change  old thinking process which are sub standard for development.

8. Some different program planning to engage the youth power in self dependent success mission.

9. Manymore....